Hey welcome to EUNITWAP.WORDPRESS.COM,in this blog,I will be giving you some cute ideas on How To Make Money Online,it is only Affiliate Marketing ideas that I will be dishing out and they certainly won’t make you money online until you put them into action.

The Affiliate Marketing that I will be dishing out will be more applicable to bloggers that actually plan or are making money online from their blogs through Affiliate Marketing.

If you are not a blogger,I think is high time you become one.You may check my post on free websites builders and them begin creating yours today.Click the following Free Websites Builders.

Blogging is one of the safest means to earn smart,passive money online(but it takes perseverance and determination,because it is not a day job),I am refering to an income that will keep coming with just an initial efforts.
For example,when a farmer plant a tree,watering it and providing necessary fertilizers becomes his regular job,but when the used grows and mature,the farmer on longer needs to apply fertilizer to the tree at all since the used will manufacture its own food and it will keep growing without the farmer dedicating much time to it again.

So,when you create a blog,making money from it becomes hard at first,but with time and more efforts you will start earning from your blog,just as the used the farmer planted,it will not start yielding its fruits immediately,but with dedication and consistency,your blog will start earning you money.

Below as steps which you can use to earn money online as an Affiliate Marketer.


Just as I have said earlier,it is recommended that you build a blog if you truly want to make money from your Affiliate Marketing passively.
With your blog,you can right educative articles on any subject matter that you are good in or that you think you have passion for.And as such,you get readers from the search engines to your blog.
Create a blog now or you can contact me and mail me via my email address for of to create one for you or if you have one already,the rest of this affiliate marketing are for you.


One of the reason why most bloggers fail to mate money online is that they fail to an email list,but rather,they keep focusing on banner ads.An Email list is a list that contains email addresses of your blog readers:it allows you to mail to your blog readers most often and helps in developing a relationship between you and your blog readers.Most bloggers build blogs without collecting the email address of their readers,what they fail to realise is that a reader that comes to your blog today might never return,but with their email addresses,you cc mail to them about a latest post and send them the link and with that they will return back to your blog.

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