HOT—How To Hack A 2go Account With Username Only

Hey there,I have come up with this tweak to satisfy your want of hacking a friend’s 2go account—But if caught,don’t mention ma name……

How To Hack A 2go Account With The Username Alone

To hack a 2go account,you just need to download the following files below:

  • Required Files


  • 1.Helloox



  • 2.Secman



  • Bluetooth FTP



Get all the above files from


  • A Symbian Phone,because all the above listed files won’t work on any other type of phone except a Symbian Phone.


Now The Action Time

Below are the steps to follow in other to get it done.

  • Step1:Install Secman,then launch it,insert the person’s username you want to hack inside the column,then you will see something like this “INSTALLSERVER91“,mark it and copy it.
  • Step2:Launch your Helloox,extract the “INSTALLSERVER91 inside the Helloox.Make sure you mark all the raw files that are inside the username and you will see another column,mark it too.Then it will ask you “You Want To Lock?”Click on Yes and you are almost done.
  • Step3:Launch your Bluetooth FTP,create a folder and extract all inside the folder.Then go back to your Helloox and remark all again,and you will be asked “Will You Release It Later?“Click No,and the password is all yours.

    Please,don’t use this cheat for evil!!!Do visit here regularly and invite friends for more cheats.

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