How To Recover Your Hacked 2go Account

This is not 100% guaranteeing you that with the below steps you could retrieve your hacked 2go account,but if you are lucky enough you may retrieve it.

Below are the options to try:

  • Option 1:
  • How To Recover Your Hacked 2go Account
    I hope you still have your (i.e.the number you used in registering for the 2go which was hacked).

    Insert the SIM Card into any phone,and send in an SMS the text below:

  • 2go PIN to 32120
  • Note:You must send the SMS with your number you signed up with.SMS cost N30.

  • Option 2:
  • (You only need this method if the above doesn’t work for you(i.e.if you don’t have the number—if lost or damaged)
    All you need to do is just change your number to new one from the old one.

  • Requirements:
  • 1.Previous number you used
    2.New number to use
    3.Your 2go full name
    4.Your 2go username
    5.Your 2go previous password—(You must remember atleast 3 first letters)
    6.The reason why you want to change number—(You can write “My 2go account was compromised” )
    7.You can still provide additional details to prove that you are use owner of that account—(i.e.last gocredit you bought and the amount left,your age,e.t.c.)
  • Note:When entering your new and old numbers,make sure you start with your country code—(E.g. +234**********)

    If you are lucky and your informations are correct,you should be informed in 7 days later.

    Hope it helps.Drop your comments below using the comment box.


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