Temple Run Game Cheats—Android

Temple Run Cheats Android
Are you Tired From Temple
Run, Here I will give you Temple Run Cheats Android.

Temple Run

Most of Temple Run Cheats don’t work anymore but here
there are some working cheats just try them.

How to Enter Cheat Codes

In case you do have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, you can enter the following two codes:

  • samhines86 –Invincibility Code
  • rxh7nigh–Unlocks Extra Characters
  • Hint:Update 1.4 you can still enter cheats but for Temple Run version 1.3 still use the cheat codes,but updating beyond that version will lock the ability to enter codes at the title screen.
    Temple Run

    Go to options on your main
    menu and turn on tutorial
    mode. Next start your tutorial
    on the turning tutorial, when
    you are turning slide your finger the correct way 3 times realy fast so can can run forever.


    At the Title Screen enter the
    code for an effect:

  • samhines86–Unlimited Invincibility
  • rxh7nighUnlock More Characters.

  • Compiled By:Eunitwap Admin

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