Nokia Rapid Roll Game Cheats,Codes,Tips and Tricks

Hey once again,another Game Cheat for you.

Nokia Rapid Roll Game Cheats
Rapid RollWell,still haven’t gotten any real cheat for Rapid Roll,but I have assembled this one for you.I was just surfing the net the other day,then I discovered this cheat,and I decided to share it with you.So enjoy!


  • 1.Hold 7
  • 2.Press 97280


nokia_1209_screenshot_14And once you fall,your life won’t decrease.

But if the above one doesn’t work,you may try this one:

Start the game,then pause and press 56931425023549 and when you hear a sound,the cheat is activated.

Many users with older phones including us has confirmed these cheats are working for the older phones, users who are having trouble activating them please keep in mind that these cheats will not work at all in newer phones or with any version of Rapid Roll game other than the original S40 games Rapid Roll.

If you have and questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and also share with friends.


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