Hot–Browse Your Favorite Sites For Free With Free Basics

Howdy reader,I have good news for you.The long awaited tip is finally out,and it is

Tips To Browse Most Websites For Free Including Facebook

Free basicsI was surfing the net when I came across this tweak on How To Browse Free On Some Sites,Including Facebook.

Last time,I published a post on How you could be earning N 15.00 airtime each day and today,I am publishing a new long awaited trick.I know you must be eager to know this,and here it is!

Sites That You Can Browse For Free Are:

  • Baby Center And Mama
  • BBC Africa
  • iLearn
  • …..


How To Browse Facebook For Free:

Free basicsTo get started,go to any of these links:

then,follow the instructions you find there.The sites will look like these screen shots:  Free basics is an online platform that lets you browse most of your favorite sites for free! (Depending on your network providers.Works better with an Airtel SIM.)


If you want to browse free with Facebook,Free basicsselect Facebook as shown in the first screen shot. (My screen shot is in French because of my SIM card,but yours will be in English.)

Mine was tested with an Airtel SIM card as mentioned earlier.Then,after Facebook,you may add other sites to your lists.
Also Check:All Airtel Free Browsing Tricks,Cheats And Tips.


Encountered any bug? Use comment for that.This Post Is Copyrighted to Eunit99,right to reproduce is granted if this blog is stated as source.


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