Know The Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Do Not Last

Android smartphones are sometimes known for their battery inability to last longer. Do you know the causes? Well, if your answer is No – panic not; for I’ve come with the causes and their solutions.

Know The Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Do Not Last

Reasons Why Your Android Battery Do Not Last Longer

According to experts, the reason why Smartphone battery do not last is that it is overcrowded with apps.– Experts

Below are some apps known for battery drainage:

  1. Battery Saver Apps

    This may sound strange, but believe me all those battery saver apps do nothing but to drain your battery. They keep scanning thereby consuming more power and leaving your battery drained.

  2. Facebook
    Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world.
    Facebook app runs in the background and constanty recieves notifications thereby using more power leading also to battery drain.


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  3. Anti-Virus

    When Anti-virus apps are runned continuously on your smartphones, they end up draining your phone.

  4. Photo Editing Apps
    Yes! Photo Editing Apps consume alot of power. How? – This is how they do it: when you take pictures with the use of Photo editing apps, there are alot of processes involved both beautification of the photos; adjustment of contrast… just to mention but a few. All these processes requires power leading to drainage of the battery.

  5. Multiple Internet Browsers

    Installed many browsers on your smartphone? Well this is not the right choice because these browsers continue to run in the background thereby secretely consuming your battery.

  6. Gaming App
    Playing games on your device also consumes alot of power because not only the video is running but also the audio.

Advices for your always battery-drained smartphones

These are suggestions we think might work out for you:

  • Uninstall those battery saver app;
  • Uninstall that Facebook app and use its Lite versionThis can be downloaded from here;
  • Uninstall those anti-virus apps and use only one;
  • If you want your phone battery to last longer, I suggest you uninstall those photo editing apps;
  • Use only one browser and uninstall the rest;
  • Remove too many gaming app from your phone so as to rate your battery.

    This is just for educational purpose only. We will not be responsible for any inconvenience derived from the use/misuse of this information.



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