How To Chat On WhatsApp With Your PC

Do you know you can chat on WhatsApp with your PC? Yes you can, WhatsApp introduced this feature some time ago.

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WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging app for smartphones. It uses the Internet to send encrypted text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers.

WhatsApp Logo

Whatsapp has been the most popular messaging app among mobiles users, the most wonderful thing about Whatsapp is that, it is cross- platform, which means it is used on almost on Operating Systems for smartphones including: Android, Blackberry, iOS, and j2ME devices.

WhatsApp’s New Feature – Chat Right On Your PC

They have been trying to simplify everything and also make it fun! So with this feature, you no longer have to worry for battery downed-smartphone, no mobile phone with you at that time but you want to chat with that person wink 😛 , simply get your PC and starting chatting.


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Brief Info About This

In 2015, Whatsapp Inc introduced this feature called – Whatsapp For PC, a way that allows Whatsapp users to synchronize their chat and contacts to their computers. Whatsapp For PC has been a very great and loving invention. It made the Alexa Rank to Whatsapp app goes up rapid as Whatsapp For PC was highly embraced by Whatsapp users, it was called ‘a long-awating feature‘.

Lets Get Started

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get this done.


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  1. Get your computer;
  2. Visit ;
  3. Wait till the site loads;
  4. At the left of your monitor, you will see a barcode;
  5. Open your phone’s WhatsApp, (make sure your data connection is enabled) ;
  6. Select ‘WhatsApp Web‘ ;
  7. Your device camera will popup, concentrate the camera on the barcode;
  8. Wait for some minutes, then chats will be synchronized;
  9. Start chatting, but make sure your device is actively connected to the internet;
  10. This can’t be used without internet connection.


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